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Computer Forensics

Code on Laptop Computer

Computer forensics involves collecting, analyzing, and presenting computer evidence. This information can be used in cases in computer-related crimes, such as hacking and identity theft, or it may involve recovering digital evidence and communications related to non-computer crimes. The computer forensic analysis will examine and extract the data including deleted data that has not been overwritten.

Computer forensics investigators must have reliable methods for capturing both while preserving the integrity of the data.


  • Hard Drives

  • Databases

  • Email Servers

  • Storage Media

  • Web Servers

  • Internet Sites

  • Zip Drives

  • Personal Digital Devices ( Smart Phones, Tablets)

The work may involve:

  • Recovering and Examining data from computers

  • Reconstructing damaged computer systems to recover data

  • Preparing reports related to recovered data

Some devices that evidence may be recovered from include:

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