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Criminal & Civil Investigations


In the complicated and intelligent world of civil litigation, your case is only as good as the evidence you can provide to the Court to further your case. Gator Investigations provides attorney support services in all types of civil litigation, whether interviewing witnesses of an accident or providing detailed backgrounds on expert witnesses for impeachment purposes.

Gator Investigations performs professional criminal defense investigations for attorneys and pro se defendants. Our background includes arson, assault, homicide, robbery, accident investigations, and workers' compensation cases. We use the latest digital video and photographic technology to collect compelling evidence.


Upon request, at the end of our investigation, we will present you with a written report and, where necessary, supporting documents, video, and photographic evidence to prove your case further. This evidence can be immediately used in court or at your attorney’s office. The Gator investigators are also available for professional testimony when required.


Services Include:

  • Evidence collection/preservation for cases involving:

    • Abuse and discrimination claims

    • Automobile accident

    • Alias identification

    • Asset search and itemization 

    • Fraud and embezzlement 

    • Insurance claims 

    • Suspect tracking/Missing person

    • Patent and copyright infringement

    • Workman's compensation cases

  • Fugitive recovery assistance

  • Process serving


Gator Investigations, LLC. conducts all manners of general investigative services for a wide variety of clients. If you require a service that is not immediately listed, please contact our office, and we will be happy to discuss the matter with you.


We hold your information in the strictest confidentiality. Nothing is divulged to law enforcement, the subject of the investigation, or their lawyers, with extremely limited exceptions such as a court order.

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