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Chris Ryan - Head of International Investigations

Joined the SAS in 1984, During his ten years there he was involved in overt and covert operations and was also sniper team commander of the anti-terrorist team. During the Gulf War, Chris Ryan was the only member of an eight-man unit to escape from Iraq, where three colleagues were killed and four captured. For this he was awarded the Military Medal. For his last two years he was selecting and training potential recruits for the SAS. He lectures in business motivation and security and is a consultant for a security organization.

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Steve Purl - Head of Training

Prior to residing in the U.S., Mr. Purl spent twenty-years in British law enforcement where he worked closely with authorities handling a wide variety of complex investigations and security assignments. He served as a New Scotland Yard Detective and Special Operations Team Leader for the famed SO19 Unit of the Yard’s Specialist Operations Branch and was tasked with the Royal Family’s personal security detail. Most recently, Mr. Purl played an instrumental role in establishing Special Response Team Training programs for the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and he continues to train a large number of US law enforcement agencies in anti-terrorist tactics.

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Investigator "A"

I began my career as Welfare Fraud Investigator and was promoted to Special Agent. As a Special Agent, my duties consisted of conducting long term, multi-jurisdictional criminal investigations of narcotics, public integrity, officer involved shootings, homicide, and economic crime cases. I have interviewed subjects/witnesses, collected evidence, conducted undercover narcotics operations to include utilization of confidential informants, surveillance, and arrest/search warrants. and was the designated Spanish translator at Headquarters.

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Investigator "B"

30 yrs of experience as a Probation Officer at all levels, intake, field service,  court liaison and special investigations. Expertise in all family matters, juvenile dependency and delinquency, interstate compact on juveniles and specializing in fugitive investigations. Over 9 years as a family counselor with adolescents and family involving drug addiction and mental health.

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Investigator "C"

I started my career as a mechanical engineer. It was my job to find a solution to a problem. For the last 20+ years, this has translated to my current position as CEO of a IT Consulting company. Our lives revolve around technology and it is our job to stay current with new trends in the digital world and now computer forensics.

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Investigator "D"

At the age of 21 I was sworn in by the Mayor of the City and began my career in law enforcement which included police patrolman, traffic investigations, Radar Enforcement Unit, and bicycle uni.  I moved to another City in which I was now part of a TAC unit working Gang crimes concentrating in HUD areas. I was then offered a job to become a law enforcement instructor for anther departments training division. and was later promoted to training Sergeant where I developed programs for officer survival, Field Training Officers, recertified Police Officers and trained new recruits.

I am a member of the National Law Enforcement Instructor- Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board and am an Active member of ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators Trainer’s Association) since 2006.

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