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Tracking & Surveillance



Gator Investigations can track your property to gain insight into where your vehicles and other properties are traveling to or being held using digital tag technology. These items can be initially "loaned" property, vehicles, aircraft, or vessels that may not be considered by law enforcement as stolen and will make little to no effort to locate your items. Often, these items are taken by family members or friends, and you may not want to report it as officially stolen. 

Do you want your property, vehicles, aircraft, or vessel back hassle-free? We have many years of experience locating these items for their registered owners and have developed tried-and-tested systems and networks that work. All this without legal hassle, tow truck fees, or confrontations with anyone! If your property has been "borrowed" and not returned, let Gator Investigations assist you with the recovery.


Tracking does not only apply to objects; sometimes, you must track an individual. Gator Investigation has extensive experience locating missing persons, kidnapping victims, and cheating partners.  




Routine surveillance is the backbone of most investigative agencies. At Gator investigations, this is no exception. Gator Investigations’ highly trained private investigators have many years of experience conducting covert video and photographic surveillance and gathering indisputable evidence. Surveillance can incorporate several transportation modes. Our investigators are ready to trail a person of interest by foot, car, plane, train, or boat. 


If you suspect your spouse is cheating, gut feelings can sometimes feel absolute, confer now with the GATOR experts and discuss a program to find out the truth. We have several investigators on staff that specialize in following suspected cheaters, meeting planes, and staking out motels. Catching suspected cheating spouses is a skill that requires many years to obtain. We know the “system” and how to play the “game.” If you have suspicions, call us, and we can guide you correctly on how to proceed.


Whether you want to put your mind at ease or are involved in a divorce or legal dispute, you deserve to know the truth.


Services Include:

  • Cheating partners

  • Counter surveillance

  • Fleet management

  • Missing persons/Kidnapping

  • Missing/stolen property

  • Personal asset or business tracking 

  • Surveillance of individuals or property

Gator Investigations, LLC. conducts all manners of general investigative services for a wide variety of clients. If you require a service that is not immediately listed, please contact our office, and we will be happy to discuss the matter with you.


We hold your information in the strictest confidentiality. Nothing is divulged to law enforcement, the subject of the investigation, or their lawyers, with extremely limited exceptions such as a court order.

Monitoring Room
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