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Missing Persons & Property

Happy Friends Laughing

The phrase, “…find anyone, anywhere…” is not exactly true -- but it’s close!


Utilizing current advancements within Digital Technology, Gator Investigations can find almost anyone.

This includes lost children, parents, friends, etc...

If someone “skipped” out of town, owing you money, or has taken your property, with some basic information, we can find them.

Perhaps you would like to reconnect with an old “army buddy” or high school friend.

The GATOR investigators can do it.

At Gator Investigations, one of our specialties is locating missing persons of all types and for a variety of reasons. The resources we have developed through our many years of locating old friends, family members, heirs, witnesses and debtors enable us to find virtually anyone! We use a variety of methods to locate people including specialized (PI Only) databases, advanced Internet searches, public records, as well as time-proven professional investigative techniques which can often allow us to locate someone in hours -- or even minutes -- when others have been searching fruitlessly for years

We can help you quickly and affordably locate: 

  • Long Lost Friends & Lovers

  • Old Aquaintances, Neighbors and Military Buddies

  • Family Members You've Lost Touch With

  • Beneficiaries and Heirs to Estates

  • Witnesses

  • Debtors

  • Deadbeat Parents

  • And More...

Whomever you want to find, Gator Investigations can help!

Because of our extensive experience in locating missing persons, our success rate is extremely high.

Missing Property 

Luxury Motor Yacht

Did someone 'borrow' your car, airplane or boat and 'forgot' to return it?


Did a ‘Guest’ depart with more than your hospitality?


Have you renovated, and returned to find precious items misplaced?


Such scenarios are much more common than you might think . . .

Gator Investigations can usually assist!


Initially "loaned" property, vehicles, aircraft or vessels may not be considered by law enforcement as stolen and will make little to no effort to locate your items. Often, these items are taken by family members or friends and you may not want to report it as officially stolen.

If so, you need Gator Investigators!


Do you just want your property, vehicles, aircraft or vessel back without any hassles?


We have many years of experience in locating these items for their registered owners, and have developed tried-and-tested systems and networks that work.


All this without any legal hassle, tow truck fees, or confrontations with anyone!

If your property has been "borrowed" and not returned,

let Gator Investigations assist you with the recovery.


Contact Us for more details.


All investigations are handled by licensed Florida Private Investigators with discretion, complete confidentiality and in a timely manner.

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