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Criminal & Civil Investigations


Today and every day, there are thousands of people in prisons all across the United States awaiting trial or appeal on offenses that they did not commit. While the old adage states that a suspect is "innocent until proven guilty", it's invariably always up to the defendant to prove his innocence. 

In the complicated and precocious world of civil litigation, your case is only as good as the preponderance of evidence you can provide to the Court in furtherance of your case. Gator Investigations provides attorney support services in all types of civil litigation, whether it be interviewing witnesses of an accident, or providing detailed backgrounds on expert witnesses for impeachment purposes.

Gator Investigations performs all types of professional, criminal defense investigations for both attorneys and pro-se defendants. Our background includes, arson, assault, homicide, robbery, rape, and accident investigations.

At the end of our investigations, we will present you with a professionally written report and, where necessary, document, video and photographic evidence in furtherance of proving your case. All of this evidence can be immediately used in court or at your attorney’s office. The Gator investigators are also available for professional testimony when required.

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