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Relationship Status

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Sherlock Holmes was fond of telling his partner “Come Watson, the game is afoot.” The Game is almost always afoot in Florida. It has something to do with the weather. If you suspect your spouse is cheating, they probably are! Gut feelings are always the best. Is your spouse flying to Florida on business frequently? He/she spending extra time on their appearance? Attending all too frequent late meetings at the office?

It's time to confer with the GATOR experts and discuss a program to find out the truth. We have several investigators on staff that specialize in following suspected cheaters, meeting planes, and staking out motels anywhere in Florida. Catching suspected cheating spouses is a skill that requires many years to obtain. We know the “system” and how to play the “game”. If you have suspicions, give us a call and we can guide you correctly on the way to proceed.


Gator Investigations specializes in uncovering unfaithful partners, marital affairs and all other forms of infidelity, including: cheating wives, cheating husbands, unfaithful boyfriends and girlfriends. Our highly trained private investigators have many years of experience in conducting covert video and photographic surveillance, and gathering indisputable evidence of adultery. Our infidelity investigations and expert surveillance services are available throughout the Tampa Bay area, including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota, Plant City, Lakeland, and beyond.

Some possible signs that your partner is having an affair include: 

  • Concealing access to their computer, phone or tablet

  • Secretive phone calls or text messages, or doesn't answer the phone around you

  • Displaying unusual or erratic mood swings

  • Decreased (or increased) sex-drive

  • Frequently coming home late from work

  • Suddenly going out at nights with friends or co-workers

  • Becomes defensive or angry when asked questions

  • Causing fights and arguments for no apparent reason

  • Appearing detached from you and your family

  • Hiding credit card and bank statements

These are only a few of the signs your partner may be cheating. In most cases, if you seriously suspect they are having an affair, and exhibit at least some of the behavior above, they probably are.

Whether you just want to put your mind at ease, or are involved in a divorce or custody dispute, you deserve to know the truth.

Our conversations on these matters are, by law, strictly confidential . . .

Book your free 20 minute consultation now .

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