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There are many reasons people may consider hiring a Florida Private Investigator. Whether you want to find an old friend or family member, you suspect your spouse or partner of cheating, you need a background check on a prospective tenant or employee, you are suing someone, being sued, or have been charged with a crime, or maybe you are involved in a divorce or child custody dispute. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you need to know, and some things that may be helpful to you when considering using the services of a Florida Private Investigator.


What do I need to know before hiring a Florida Private Investigator?


Hiring a private investigator for the first time can seem like a daunting experience, but following the simple guidelines below will not only make the process easier, but you will most probably end up with a more competent, professional and experienced investigator who is much more likely to understand your needs and ultimately archive the results you need.

  • Always make sure the investigation agency is fully licensed and ask for their license number!

  • Always verify their license number (see "how to verify a license below")

  • Ask what experience they have (especially in the type of investigation you are considering them for)

  • Ask what professional organizations they might belong to. (Such as State PI Associations, etc)

  • Always make sure you have a written contract.

 ALL private investigation agencies and their investigators must be licensed within Florida, without exception. Prior to being granted a license, prospective Florida private investigators must pass stringent background screening by the Florida Division of Licensing, including demonstrating years of verifiable investigative experience, undergoing state (FDLE) and federal (FBI) criminal records checks and passing a stringent, written examination.

Things to remember about hiring a Florida private investigator:

 A Florida investigation agency license will start with the letter A, followed by 7 numbers. For example, Gator Investigations LLC license number is: "A-1800034". The agency license (A-License) number they provide you can be verified by the Florida Division of Licensing by clicking here (remember to leave a space between the "A" and the numbers.)

  • Although private investigators generally charge for their time (by the hour), a good private investigator will usually offer 10 or 15 minutes of their time to discuss your case, their services, fees, and what they may be able to do for you, at no charge.

  • Florida private investigators are bound by very strict confidentiality. With few exceptions, once you retain a private investigator in Florida, they are prohibited by law from divulging ANY INFORMATION relating to your case to ANYONE, other than their client (you) or their employer. This includes divulging information to law enforcement, the subject of the investigation, or their lawyers.

Private Investigators are usually friendly and approachable, willing to answer questions and offer advice, and Gator investigators are no exception.

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